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Solar Pool Collector ever tested by ISO 9806



 Save Money

Solar Pool heating is not only less expensive, it pays for iteself in a few short years and typically has a life expectancy of 2-3 times that of a gas heater.  This will save you tens of thousands over the years!

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Ecosun puts out 10% more heat than our closest competitor

Ecosun outperforms the competition with 10% more heat output than our closest competitor.  Measured by FSEC

Ecosun outperforms the competition with 10% more heat output than our closest competitor. Measured by FSEC

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Ecosun Solar Pool Heater


Solar Energy is just another form of fuel used to heat your pool.  A properly sized pool heating system can more than double your swim season and will increase the temperature by 10-15 degrees fehrenheit or more.



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An Ecosun solar pool heating system uses your existing filter pump to circulate the water.  A digital control valve is installed down stream of the filter.  It diverts the water so that it flows through the  collectors (panels) which are are usually mounted on your roof where it is heated by the Sun.  This warm water then flows back to the pool.





Set it and Forget It!

You set the temperature that you want, even if there’s a power failure your settings and temperature will be remembered.






What size system do you need?

Every pool has certain heating requirements.  Solar pool heaters need to be sized not just for the pool but also considering environmental conditions that will affect how your ECOSUN solar pool heating system will perform.  Generally this means a solar collector (panel) area between 50-75% of the surface area of your pool.



Pays for itself

Annual Operating Cost Chart

Installed in 1 day

Your pool will start hating the next day…automaitcally, with clean, and free solar energy.


Meets more quality standards


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 The REAL things that matter in Solar Pool Heating


Having installed over 1,000 systems we know that it’s not

cHECKLISTjust how the system performs under ideal hot sunny days, but also how it performs under cooler cloudier days that matter, and that’s how we define performance.  With output that can be over twice as good as the competition in cooler conditions, the Ecosun system still puts out heat in less than ideal conditions such as cloudy overcast days.  This all happens while recording the highest ratings of 1,100 BTU’s/square foot under ideal sunny conditions!


However, performance isn’t the only thing to consider, and what we want to make sure more than anything, is that we don’t solve one problem by solar heating your pool and create another problem on your roof.  That’s why we only install vented collectors.  Vented collectors serve 2 purposes; they allow moisture to escape from beneath the panel, this prevents moisture buildup issues in your roof, and secondly they reduce wind lift to prevent your system from ending up in your neighbours backyard in the next wind storm.  We’ve performed the work for insurance companies when competitors systems have been ripped off of a roof, so we know what can happen with non-vented collectors…they act like a sail.  The Ecosun system is even hurricane tested, rated, and Florida Hurricane approved!


Collector ratings have been performed by third party organizations FSEC and SRCC.  To learn more about these organizations see our resources section.
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Saves Money


 Based on pool season in New York of May 1st through September 30th

(see link below for details)

Reference: http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/gas-swimming-pool-heaters


Saves Time




Lives Longer




Ecosun puts out 10% more heat than our closest competitor

Ecosun outperforms the competition with 10% more heat output than our closest competitor.  Measured by FSEC

Ecosun outperforms the competition with 10% more heat output than our closest competitor. Measured by FSEC


Solar Wave is a Master Dealer for Ecosun giving you the best

Warranty in the industry of 12 yrs. 100% coverage

Best Warranty in the industry of 12 yrs.

Best Warranty in the industry of 12 yrs.



At Solar Wave we believe in using the highest quality products available, and when a product is high quality it’s performance and manufacturing can be verified by independent organizations.  That’s why we use the Ecosun collector system by Aquatherm the most rusted name in solar pool heating.  Not only does it hit the highest performance targets but it’s quality is verified by independent quality standards organizations like ISO.  No other collector comes close to meeting our criteria!




Ecosun Solar Pool Heater Certifications copy

Panel VentingEcosun-panel-venting


  • Allows moitsure to escape from beneath panel preventing moisture buildup that could potentially lead to roof problems
  • Wind load relief with its patent pending web and fluted surface design.  Ecosun is hurricane tested and this will prevent your system from ending up in your neighbours backyard in the next wind storm.
  • Ecosun is the highest rated vented panel in the world!



Performance Graphic









  • More heat in your pool, ECOSUN is the highest heat output solar pool collector in the world.
  • Designed for modern pool equipment Ecosun collectors are made to stringent standards maximizing flow rate and minimizing restriction.  This results in more heat back to your pool and less strain on your pump.




  • Reliability GraphicWith the best warranty in the industry of 12 years 100% coverage, no one covers you better!
  • Unmatched quality control
  • Meets more third party certification than anyone else.
  • Quality that the US government chooses at the NOMAD base






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 Buyer Beware!

There is a company in Oakville, Ontario that has been posing as Solar Wave in online Google ads and placing ads claiming to be an Ecosun Dealer while selling a different product.  These ads direct to a website and phone number that is not Solar Wave.  Solar Wave is the exclusive dealer of Ecosun in Ontario.  Unfortunately, this fraudulent activity has misled some consumers please be aware of who you are dealing with.



Solar Wave has been serving Southern Ontario for over 10 years and has thousands of satisfied customers.  We work hard to make sure we deliver a cost effective pool heating solution.




Solar Wave is an Ecosun Master Dealer, and Ecosun is the highest performing solar pool collector on the market.  At 1,100 BTU’s per sq. ft. Ecosun performs 10% better than our closest competitor.



Ecosun solar pool heaters come with an industry leading 12 year warranty.  Watch out  for other pool heaters that have a Pro-Rated warranty and may only fully warrant a few years.



Aquatherm Industries is the manufacturer of Ecosun Solar Pool Heaters and has been manufacturing solar pool collectors for over 30 years.  With this experience we can confidently say that a professionally installed Ecosun Solar Pool Heater has a life expectancy of over 20 years.



Benefits: A pool heating system can greatly extend your swim season and increase the value of your home. Solar pool heaters warm water just as effectively as electric and gas heaters; however, they do so without recurring monthly fuel costs. Solar energy is free, limitless, and 100% environmentally friendly.


Reputation: A broad, satisfied customer base is always an excellent gauge of product quality. Aquatherm is a nationally recognized manufacturer of in-ground and above ground pool solar heaters with a 30+-year history. Our solar swimming pool heaters are currently operating throughout the North America and in dozens of countries worldwide.


Ask the right questions, find the right Solar Pool Heater!


As with any investment, the purchase of a swimming pool heater should be an informed choice. We suggest that in comparing solar to other types of pool heating systems, and in comparing solar pool heating systems to one another, you consider the following:

Warranty: At Aquatherm, we stand behind our products from the moment they leave our Lakewood, NJ facility. When installed by an Ecosun Master Dealer, our collectors and hardware carry a full repair/replace warranty through Aquatherm Industries.


BUYER BEWARE:  Other solar pool heaters are not warranted by the manufacturer, but an import office or other third-party. If this third-party should close its doors, you risk owning an unprotected solar system. Always ask!


Quality Assurance: Thorough testing, overseen by independent third parties, provides assurance of quality and reliability. Every Ecosun solar collector is quality control tested before leaving our facility. Our products meet or exceed approval criteria from the following accredited agencies:


  • Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
  • DOE – Bright Way Program
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • Metro-Dade County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)


We encourage you to research your options. We’re confident that in comparing pool heaters, you’ll find Ecosun by Aquatherm to be an outstanding choice for heating your pool, and a sound investment in your home.

* Aquatherm Industries is the parent company of the Ecosun solar pool heating system