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Solar Pool Collector ever tested by
ISO 9806 Solar Thermal Standard



 Save Money

From $49/mth*  – $0 down you can own a solar pool heating system.  Never worry about paying a gas or propane bill again, and never run into replacing a $2,000 + heater.  Save tens of thousands of dollars over the next 20 years!

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Since 2005

Thousands of Systems installed in Southern Ontario since 2005.

We are located in Hamilton and Erin, Ontario – situated to serve customers across most of Southern Ontario

Solar Wave Service Area Map

Solar Wave Service Area Map

Our Planet Can No Longer Afford It

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Our planet can no longer afford to burn fossil fuels for things like swimming pools.  Solar is the most abundant form of  energy earth and perhaps suited for pool heating above all else.

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Saves Money


 Based on pool season in New York of May 1st through September 30th

(see link below for details)

Reference: http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/gas-swimming-pool-heaters


Saves Time




Lives Longer



Quality Comes First

Every component of the ECOSUN system is designed and engineered for solar pool heating.  All Mounting hardware is made of either Marine Grade Stainless Steel or Aluminum and all strapping is poly coated Stainless Steel.  Our pipe brackets are even specifically made for solar pool heating to allow for the unique expansion and contraction requirements to ensure your system lasts for decades!




Third Party Tests under ISO 9806 Solar Thermal Standards *

*Some manufacturers have not paid to be tested under new international ISO 9806 standards

Ecosun outperforms the competition with 10% more heat output than our closest competitor. Measured by FSEC


Best in Industry 12 yr. warranty on all Ecosun Collectors and Mounting Hardware

Best Warranty in the industry of 12 yrs.



Meets more third party manufacturing, quality control & safety standards than any of our competitors!



Ecosun Solar Pool Heater Certifications copy



Patented Panel VentingEcosun-panel-venting


  • Allows moitsure to escape from beneath panel preventing moisture buildup that could potentially lead to roof problems


  • Wind load relief with its patent pending web and fluted surface design Ecosun meets Hurricane testing standards.

 Buyer Beware!

There is a company in Oakville, Ontario that has been posing as Solar Wave in a phishing scam with Google ads and placing ads claiming to be an Ecosun Dealer while selling a different product.  These ads direct to a website and phone number that is not Solar Wave.  Solar Wave is the exclusive dealer of Ecosun in Ontario.  Unfortunately, this fraudulent activity has misled some consumers please be aware of who you are dealing with even if they claim to have been in 



Solar Wave has been serving Southern Ontario for over 10 years and has thousands of satisfied customers.  We work hard to make sure we deliver a cost effective pool heating solution.



The difference is in the engineering and Quality of Materials.  Most of our competitors use hardware and system components that are either borrowed from another industry or a low cost alternative that they have available.  Some of our competitors use couplings made out of radiator hose to connect the panels to one another and fabric strapping to secure the system to your roof.  The problem with radiator hose for couplings is that they tend to leak under cold water conditions (like starting the system up first thing in the Spring), and they are not structural.  Unlike the Specially engineered Dual Durometer coupling made for the ECOSUN system that will not leak under adverse temperature conditions (like in the Spring) and also adds a structural component.  We also use polypropylene coated stainless steel straps and all stainless steel and aluminum anchors to secure your system to your roof




Solar Wave is an Ecosun Master Dealer, and Ecosun is the highest performing solar pool collector ever tested under ISO 9806 Solar Thermal Standard.  At 1,100 BTU’s per sq. ft. Ecosun delivers!



Ecosun solar pool heaters come with an industry leading 12 year warranty.  Watch out  for other pool heaters that have a Pro-Rated warranty and may only fully warrant a few years.



Aquatherm Industries is the manufacturer of Ecosun Solar Pool Heaters and has been manufacturing solar pool collectors for over 30 years.  With this experience we can confidently say that a professionally installed Ecosun Solar Pool Heater has a life expectancy of over 20 years.



Benefits: A pool heating system can greatly extend your swim season and increase the value of your home. Solar pool heaters warm water just as effectively as electric and gas heaters; however, they do so without recurring monthly fuel costs. Solar energy is free, limitless, and 100% environmentally friendly.


Reputation: A broad, satisfied customer base is always an excellent gauge of product quality. Aquatherm is a nationally recognized manufacturer of in-ground and above ground pool solar heaters with a 30+-year history. Our solar swimming pool heaters are currently operating throughout the North America and in dozens of countries worldwide.


Ask the right questions, find the right Solar Pool Heater!


As with any investment, the purchase of a swimming pool heater should be an informed choice. We suggest that in comparing solar to other types of pool heating systems, and in comparing solar pool heating systems to one another, you consider the following:


Quality Assurance: Thorough testing, overseen by independent third parties, provides assurance of quality and reliability. Every Ecosun solar collector is quality control tested before leaving our facility. Our products meet or exceed approval criteria from the following accredited agencies:


  • Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
  • DOE – Bright Way Program
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • Metro-Dade County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)


We encourage you to research your options. We’re confident that in comparing pool heaters, you’ll find Ecosun by Aquatherm to be an outstanding choice for heating your pool, and a sound investment in your home.

* Aquatherm Industries is the parent company of the Ecosun solar pool heating system